Main prize by the organizer - 1000 Eur

Present your idea and find your teammates during the pitches stage. You will only have 1 minute, so be well prepared!

During the hackathon, the idea and its realization may change, but only teams created during the pitch phase can compete for the main prize.

Each team will have 3 minutes for the final presentation followed by 3 minutes of Q&A with the judges. Projects must be finished (at least as a prototype) or a basic functionality must be demonstrated

Hacker’s package

  • compensation of the travel costs
  • 3 meals a day for two days
  • place for your sleeping bag at “Kultūros fabrikas”, showers
  • souvenir

Winning criteria and conditions

  1. “Wow” factor: is it impressive, innovative and original
  2. Usability - can your hack be used by the visitors of Klaipeda and the castle’s museum, maybe developing it into a commercial product.
  3. How finished it is and how much investment must be made until a full realization.