Do I have to be a programmer if I want to parcticipate?

No, we invite all hackers: designers, copywriters, business developers, tourism and marketing experts etc.

What should I bring to the event?

We will take care of a productive working environment with power sockets and fast wifi, but you should have your own computer and other tools.

Is the event free of charge?


Do I have to work over the night?

No, but you can.

Will you take care of the place to sleep?

Yes, “Kultūros fabrikas” will provide a big area for sleeping bags (separate for male and female hackers), you only have to bring your own sleeping bag. We can help you arrange a budget hostel in the city center too.

Do I have to come with my own team?

If you already have a team, you can participate as a team. But after the initial pitches you can create a new team or supplement your own with other hackers.

How big a team must be?

We recommend up to 4 people, bigger groups have a high communication overhead.

Girls/ women

We strongly encourage women and their teams to participate (there will be a separate prize for girls)